5 Outdoor String Lights Reviews and Buying Guide

Are you trying to find some outdoor string lights for your next patio or garden party? You might try finding a set of 100 oversized clear bulb string lights to stretch across your patio turning your backyard into a festival to behold or at least a great place to have a party!
We wanted to build a site for all of those people like us that love to entertain and be entertained in the great outdoors whether that be at the state fair or our own little piece of heaven on earth known as our backyard with our favorite patio dining set in our home built gazebo. There’s something about outdoor string lights that just make you want to smile. Whether it comes from the smell of the County fair with its food and not so pleasant smell of the animals in their pens or that one strand of mini Christmas lights we all look forward to putting up each year around Christmas time. I can see you thinking about how those LED string lights you wrap around the tree every year will work great as party string lights for that barbecue event coming up in early July.

Even I was surprised at how many different kinds of outdoor string lights there are to choose from these days. You will find string lights typically come in 10-bulb sets whether they are bronzed dragonfly lights, bamboo string lights or a set of clear ball string lights. Some overhead string lighting is designed for a large event such as a wedding or graduation party. A large event may use clear oversized bulbs and raised high over the event so as to not distract but deliver a great atmosphere to your special occasion. A smaller more intimate gathering in your backyard around the grill with a glass of wine might benefit more from the flickering amber flame of a battery-operated candle placed in the middle of a patio table.
Let’s start with solar powered string lights, they have multiple advantages to them, number one, of course, is that your electricity bill will not go up by your using them every evening of the summer. Another important advantage to using solar powered string lights is that you don’t have to stretch often very ugly and possibly dangerous extension cords all over the backyard. One instance where I’ve seen them used which seem such a perfect fit for a solar powered string light system was on an arbor that was at the back of a property quite a ways from the house and a power supply. Typically with outdoor string lights that are solar powered, you might think that they wouldn’t last very long or they wouldn’t be very bright. The big difference these days can be summed up in three little letters LED.
These are the lights you’ll see in many traffic lights these days also in brake lights if you notice cars in front of you when you stop the next time instead of one or two big bulbs there’ll be 10 to 20 little ones that will be very bright. The advantage of LED lights being used with solar systems is that they take very little energy to put off a large amount of light. The one negative to using solar power outdoor string light system is as you guessed it they can only be used where the panels can get enough sun to recharge the batteries.
The next system we’ll talk about is what’s known as novelty string lights. These can be used for theme parties and even though I’m talking about outdoor lighting on my site these can also be used in dorm rooms, kid’s rooms, and family rooms. I’ll try to give you a little taste of some of the options you’ll have available to you because there are too many to list here. I’ve seen some with beer bottles, beer cans and sports teams that would be perfect for the Super Bowl party or your next tailgate party where you can show your team colors. They also come in some very delicate very pretty flower arrangements putting off a very soft light that is not meant to brighten an area but to give an amber glow or rose-colored glow depending on what the desired mood is for the occasion. These lights inside of flowers, they are not real flowers, by the way, are usually mini LED lights. All though they are very small they do give off enough brightness to light up the material that makes up the flower and yet cool enough to not burn any of the material.
Outdoor string lights could end up being arranged to diverse lighting settings: A person may decide on various lighting settings for your own outdoor string lights. If you prefer a vibrant experience, an individual can certainly select to get the particular equipment and lighting blink every handful of secs. An additional well-liked function is actually the chaser, in which almost all the actual lamps illuminate one right after the next one. You may also pick out in order to have all the light bulbs on the particular string lighted constantly.
The last kind of outdoor string lights I want to discuss with you are the commercial grade lights. These will typically use C7 and C9 sized bulbs. These are the lights typically seen at a marina or at your favorite Mexican restaurant out on the patio. I may be aging myself a little here but they were used at used car dealerships at one time. They will also be used for outdoor weddings but installing them will take a little more than a hammer and a small bracket to nail into the tree because they are heavy and the bulbs are very large and they will typically need a small line to hang them from to keep them safe and in place. They give off a very brilliant light not necessarily meant for ambiance building but for functional light so you can see where you are walking.

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